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sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

Our own music

Every notes of a music is a new birth

Birth of new sensations

All saying: this is it

All different, all so unique

Some make us happy

Some make us think

And also can make us find ourselves in it

Songs that mark the beginning of something

A victory of a battle

End of a process

Celebration of being alive

Just breath

Feeling the several emotions that appeal every second

Every change you can discover a new universe

The notes show the path

The rest is up to you

To follow or not

Never forgetting who we really are

But if you do

You just have to look inside and find your own music

Don’t think you don’t have this inside you

Is in the deep of your soul

Of your heart

Never give up of yourself

We always have something to live for

All we have to do is listen the melody

Of life inside of us

When you find that

You will have the certain of all love that exist in you

I’m sure that will be a great feeling

Just believe

And life will take care the rest


Isso é algo que tava pedindo pra sair,algo pra meio que simbolizar um tipo de esperança,que é algo que é muito valioso nesses tempos,espero que esta pequena coisa que escrevi possa servir como uma razão,mas a razão você que deverá decidir,the rest is up to you.