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sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011


Spread your wings and fly

Spread your wings and fly

Just try to reach the sky

And let it shine your light

Don’t care about the others

That always want to still light

Go to yourself and see

That you are able

To do anything you want

Cu´z I believe in you

To get up and fly

And I know you can reach the blue

I have faith in you

Like I always do

Just try to see what I see

When I look at your eyes

So look and see what I can see

Is just the light that sparkle all around

All around me

All around you

All around all the people

Don’t have

Don´t have afraid

To let your light shine

Because I always will be there to support you

And know ill be there for you

Call me and viva la vida

Like i know you can enjoy yourself

And be you

So spread your wings and fly

Try to reach the sky

And ill be waiting for you at the clouds

Up above

Ill be waiting for you to fly with me

And we always get through things

And we always will get over our troubles

Together forever Strong

Like we always say to each other

That we are and will be Strong forever and Together

By:Priscila N. D.